What A Load Of Craft 10 will be held Saturday December 14, 2013 at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Iowa City, Iowa from 11am-6pm.


What a Load of Craft (WALOC) is Iowa's premier punk rock craft fair. We believe in the power of DIY arts, crafts, and music.

In 2006, Grace Locke Ward and Susan Junis created WALOC to support Iowa City's amazing non-traditional craft community. The first fair was held at the Hall Mall in downtown Iowa City in partnership with Little Village Magazine. A dozen vendors and as many bands were showcased. The fair was an overwhelming success and it was clear that a larger venue was necessary.

WALOC was moved to the now-defunct rock club, The Picador and was held there in December 2007, May 2008, and Dec 2008. December 2007 held the debut of WALOC's Craft Deathmatch. The Craft Deathmatch was exactly what it sounds like: Brutal crafting challenges set to heavy metal with fantastic prizes from local businesses like Nemesis Tattoo and Home Ec Workshop.

In 2009 it was decided that WALOC needed to expand once again and it found it's way to the spacious Johnson County Fairgrounds. We now feature over 50 vendors and offer food, beverages, booze, and plenty of parking! Since moving to the Fairgrounds, WALOC attendance has gone through the roof and we have featured performances by dozens of fantastic musicians such as Leslie and the Lys and William Elliott Whitmore. In 2011, we had approximately 3,000 shoppers visit WALOC!

With the expansion came the need to expand the WALOC organizational team to all-star proportions. The additions of Iowa crafters Cortnie Widen, Ramona Muse, Carissa Starleaf, and Brittany Burggraaf to the mix have enabled WALOC fairs to continue to grow and improve. We strive every year to provide shoppers with the finest local and regional cutting-edge crafters and an all-around fun time.

A special thanks to Cortnie Widen of White Rabbit (Iowa City's year-round headquarters for handmade goods) for the fantastic artwork on our website, and Lara Newsom of Handmade Pretties (one of Iowa's top notch crafters) for making it come alive.

Thanks for your support!

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